SHOWタイム 森 翔 @morisyou112

General perks

Perks for all membership tiers

DVR is available for all streams.
Membership badges
For only members, a membership badge will appear next to your name when you post a comment.
Members-only gift
Members can send exclusive items from item list.
Member's card
Digital membership card will be issued to prove that you are a member.


Memberships are automatically renewed and charged for every month, 180 days, 360 days, etc. depending on each plan/payment method. Once you are a member, you cannot change your payment method. You must do your enrollment and cancellation, we cannot act on your behalf. If you violate the Terms of Service, you may be forced to cancel the membership. The cancellation during the membership period will not result in an immediate cancellation but will be terminated at the next renewal of the membership. Please note that there are no refunds during this period. If for some reason the automatic renewal process fails, you must complete the process within 72 hours or you will be cancelled automatically. There will be no refunds or cancellations if your account is restricted, or the account of the owner of the membership is restricted and the membership is not deleted. If the owner deletes the membership, the membership will be automatically canceled at the next renewal date. Moi does not guarantee the fulfillment of any perks of memberships or any members-only streams offered by the owner. We will not be able to answer about the details of each membership, so please be sure to read carefully about the membership perks before you join. In principle, membership in the higher tier includes all the benefits of the lower tier. (Please read each membership page for details.) When you upgrade a membership tier, the upgrade will take effect immediately and the new membership period for that higher tier will begin. Fees for an unexpired period will be eligible for a refund (Daily rate). If you change to a lower tier, the change will be applied at the end of the membership period.